Cache Programming 101

EHR Evolution is offering a course on Cache Programming!

This 5 day course will develop an object-oriented database from organizing the data (building classes) to accessing it (writing methods to operate SQL queries and printing the results). It will cover relationships between data, storage of large objects (X-rays, MRIs), printing reports and the trade-offs made in storing data in different configurations. It will also cover MUMPS vs. ObjectScript coding and the advantages and usages of each. This is a hands-on course where each student will not only study the advantages of different approaches but will also build a fully functioning object-oriented database.

MUMPS is the basic language used in many applications world-wide.  It sits under 85% of the healthcare databases in the US.  It is also used by the Dutch healthcare system.  In addition, it is used in the financial industry, among other places.  One example is TDAmeritrade.

The MUMPS databases will not go away and there will always be a need to support them.  The future of programming involves many applications accessing each other.  This is where Cache objects become especially important.  If you have a MUMPS database and want to build an object-oriented front-end (Java, say, or .NET), you need to build objects that can access the data and send it to the front-end in an object-oriented format.

For your convenience this course will be offered via E-Learning and in person. Interested? Please fill out this form for more information!

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