HIT Learning Center

Computers have long been a part of running an effective healthcare organization, and with the development and increasing use of EHR’s and the Meaningful Use requirements created by the HITECH Act, knowing how to use one is more important than ever. We have seen how even a basic knowledge of computers can not only help your organization, but can help you improve your career status going forward.

EHR Evolution is pleased to announce our HIT Learning Center, coming soon. Our courses will range from 1-5 days and cover a variety of topics. For providers and clinical staff interested in learning about the hands-on the functions of an electronic health record, we offer End User Training. We will cover everything from logging in, finding a patient, ordering prescriptions, labs, x-rays, charting vital signs to more complex functions such as documentation and notes, MD charges and verifying results. In addition, healthcare employees of every level might be interested in our Meaningful Use class. This is designed to educate you on the history of the HITECH Act. This will include the concept of Meaningful Use, its purpose, goals, and what it means to the healthcare industry as well as an introduction to the requirements are and how to meet them. In this course you will gain knowledge that you can directly apply to your healthcare practice.

Top level health care administrators and hospital employees interested in playing a larger role in managing your practice or group Electronic Record will find a System Administration course of interest. This is a more detailed class to provide a foundation in Enterprise EHR v11 configuration. Participants will gain a stronger understanding of what Enterprise EHR has to offer by taking an active role in this training course by experiencing hands-on exercises with the goal of gaining basic to intermediate experience building menus, changing views views, and designing note templates. The course will help you understand the many options available to you in working with a comprehensive EHR.

Are you a provider who has spent your entire life avoiding computers and are terrified by the new requirements being pushed upon you? You will not be left in the dark. Information Technology Fundamentals will help you to learn the basic tricks to to navigate your PC. We will learn everything from how to boot and shut down your computer properly, to keyboard and mouse navigation/short-cuts, navigating the internet and everything in between. You will learn just enough to be able to figure out how to use a computer to manage your practice, while not being overwhelmed by having too much information shoved at you.

If you are interested in taking any of our courses or would like more information, fill out the form below. New course offerings are in development all the time, so please contact us with any questions to see if we have the right opportunity for you or your organization.


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