EHR Incentive Payments

The center for Medicaid and Medicare Services paid out approximately 1.2 billion dollars in Electronic Healthcare Record Incentives, this past December. Providers and hospitals that met Meaningful Use 2 requirements received this incentive.

To date 10.3 billion dollars has been distributed for EHR incentives. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 created this program. Stages of Meaningful Use have been planned out for the next several years. Further reading on stage 2 and future projections :


Final numbers on 2012 Meaningful Use 2 payout won’t be out until June or July. Eligible Providers must meet 20 core measure (17 core objectives and 3 of 6 menu objectives), while eligible hospitals must meet 19 core measures (16 core objectives and 3 of 6 menu objectives). There is a lot of information on MU out there, the CMS has summed it up and provided a tip sheet for healthcare professionals :

Do you have EHR Technology that meets the new Certified
EHR Technology definition for Meaningful Use Stage 2?

Eligible Providers  still have time to qualify. The cutoff date to attest for 2012 is Feb. 28, 2013 . Hospitals/CAHs can no longer attest, the cutoff date was Nov. 30, 2012. In order to participate in Stage 2, providers must first demonstrate that they have met Stage 1 requirements for two consecutive years. The first year of that must be for a 90 day reporting period, the second year requires the entire year being reported.


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