What does the New Year Have in Store for Technology?

Technology is constantly evolving, let’s take a look at what 2013 will bring.

Health Information Exchange is a hot topic. ” In January, ONC will host an open listening session on governance of health information exchange, to provide opportunities for a wide range of stakeholders to describe their issues, priorities, and critical concerns.”

Further reading can be found here – ONC Activities Support Governance of Nationwide Health Information Exchange. 

Meaningful Use 3! You still have time to comment. Be proactive, this is a good opportunity to voice your opinion. The deadline is January 14th, 2012. To do so, follow this link – Meaningful Use 3.

There is a lot buzz about new products coming out to help streamline mobile healthcare. Microsoft may give Apple a run for their money (although the iPad mini is making it’s way into healthcare facilities). Windows 8 devices are definitely geared towards healthcare, are user friendly and are compatible with Microsoft Lync secured messaging. Healthcare professional can securely send each other messages with this feature. Further reading on Windows 8, read this article…“Windows 8 Could be a Winner in Healthcare”

NextGen has already released an app for Windows 8, MedicineCabinet. This will be a very useful tool for patients. MedicineCabinet tracks medications, doses, missed doses and more. MedicineCabinet. Expect to see a lot of apps rolling out, geared towards consumers and healthcare professionals!


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