Meaningful Use Stage 3! Already?

Meaningful Use stage 3 requirements are  in the works. While they won’t go into affect until 2016, it’s already a hot topic. The recommendations will be published in the Federal Register as soon as December, 2012.

The majority of the new measures are similar to stage 2, just with higher percentages on each measure. This should make them fairly easy to meet, so long as Provider’s have made efforts to comply with Meaningful Use Stage 2. The core of MU 3, is about  how facilities interact with each other (practices, hospitals, etc…). Are they able to share date easily? Has handing over a patient been simplified?

This will rely heavily on Health Information Exchange (“HIE refers to the process of reliable and interoperable electronic health-related information sharing conducted in a manner that protects the confidentiality, privacy, and security of the information”).

Patient involvement is again, another huge part of Meaningful Use. Stage 3 tends to crack down on how often this goal is met. Drug interaction checking will also be on the MU 3 list. Currently many physician’s pass over the warnings or even turn off this function. The guidelines will be stricter, with patient safety in mind. Advance directives recorded for senior patients is on the agenda as well, which would be ideal…this is a very important factor in a patient’s record.

While most practices are gearing up for MU 2, Meaningful Use 3 is being planned out. Get ready!

Everyone is encouraged to voice their opinion on Meaningful Use.  Read more on that here . To comment follow this link!docketDetail;D=HHS-OS-2012-0007.

Further reading on Health Information Exchange –


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