Healthcare going mobile…present and future.

In this day and age, healthcare records being mobile is practically expected. Currently many practices have computers installed in each patient room, making documentation for each visit convenient and that much closer to being paperless. The mobile health technology market is expected to exceed $8 billion by 2018, according to research company GlobalData. The CDC reported that in 2011, 55% of physicians had adopted an electronic health record (EHR) system.

Providers carrying around their MacBook or laptop has become very popular  in healthcare facilities. This gives them a lot of freedom and independence. With technology so prevalent in our society, healthcare providers must keep up.  Mobile computing offers another means of connecting with a patient – which in turn affects quality of care and safety for the patient. Thankfully there a lot of options to keep up with this demand. Tablets and smartphones are quickly becoming popular in healthcare. Electronic health records can be viewed on any of these devices. In the very near future, these devices will be paired with voice recognition…allowing the provider to quickly dictate at their convenience.

The 2012 National Physician Survey provides some interesting statistics. “Almost one out of three doctors (30%) are using laptops regularly for e-prescribing, EMRs and more. Almost a quarter (20%) are using Smartphones and 12%, iPads, for clinical needs.” More information here. 

Most people have heard the iPhone and iPad slogan “yes, there is an app for that”. That definitely holds true when it comes to healthcare. These apps quickly offer at a glance dozens of tools…calorie counting, diet and exercise info, wound photos, prescription drug comparisons, referral information, track symptoms, medical statistics (helping advise patients much more effectively), there are even apps for providers to draw on to show patients how a surgical procedure is done and what it will look like…the possibility with medical apps are endless. Many of these applications are free or are offered at a minimal cost.

A good website to follow for mobile app reviews, you can search by specialty, app type and many other options.


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