Why EHR?

Simple, patient care! Continuity of patient care to be exact. Electronic healthcare records are a collaboration of everything patient related. EHR compiles and tracks patient vitals, trends, medication history, family history, social history, treatments, procedures, surgeries and much more. Providers all over in different specialities are able to access every aspect of an individual patient’s care. The days of transferring charts and requesting medical records will soon become a thing of a past.

EHR has the capability to notify providers and staff with patient alerts. EHR will  notify you when drugs interact with each other and if a drug has a possibility to interact with a patient’s allergies. Many clinicians used a Palm Pilot or a drug guide to check interactions in the past, leaving a lot of room for error. Alerts will also come up in regards to preventive care (i.e. when the patient needs a routine mammogram or physical).

With EHR a patient has a lot more control over their personal information. They are even able to carry their chart with them on a thumb drive. Making it even easier to see a specialist, change doctors and a smooth transition should they move and need to take their records with them. EHR allows a patient access to their records from their home computer at a glance, and the ability to send a message to their healthcare provider through portals.

Currently there are hefty incentives for using EHR. “Similarly, physicians are well ahead of any other healthcare practitioners for Medicaid payments. Thus far, 40,353 physicians have received $833,179,251 of the $1,140,158,421. August was no different. Of the total $ 76,803,202 paid out in August, $54,014,702 went to 2,744 physicians.”  Healthcare providers have a set of measures to meet, if they do – they qualify for an incentive (under the meaningful use guidelines).

No more waiting in line with a paper prescription. Thanks to EHR, a prescription can easily be sent electronically, and will be waiting for the patient at their pharmacy of choice. A seamless way to quickly fill patient medications while providing less room for error than hand written prescriptions.  Electronic health records…making life simple for not only the provider, but the patient.


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